Aaliyah Jenny
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Aaliyah Jenny, a.k.a. Jenny Cohen, is an eternal student known for her autobiographical fusion performances about universal themes and life challenges. She holds degrees in Psychology (B.A.) and Occupational Therapy (M.S). She homeschooled her IVF-gifted twins now in college. 

AJ currently teaches Datura Style, Sharqui Workout & Aaliyah Jenny Transcultural Fusion. She trains in Martha Graham, Odissi, Hip hop, DanceCraft, Dance Cohesion, Silvestre Technique, Krysalis, Dance Therapeutics, Galen Hooks and the Margie Habor Acting Studio in addition to a plethora of teachers such as Karim Nagi, Amel Tafsout, Donna Mejia, Ebony Quails, Simon Sako to name a few. Aaliyah Jenny's instructional DVD Inside Out: Acting for Dancers, produced by Candlelight Productions, offering THREE of her signature workshops, is on sale now! Please contact AJ for your physical copy or go to www.bellydancenation.com for digital access.

Aaliyah Jenny is proud to have launched her non profit 501c event called Raw Epiphany July 7-9, 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah. www.TheRawEpiphany.com

Please visit Jenny’s Transformation on FB for more details on her battle and victory over breast cancer.
website: www.aaliyahjenny.com


Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror - a.k.a. how to get over the "I can't watch myself on video" syndrome. Aaliyah Jenny will share what she looks for in her own daily practice videos honed from daily improv throughout her breast cancer treatment, surgery & recovery. Improve your performance through personal critique methods used by Aaliyah Jenny. Learn to identify your strengths & areas needing attention. Become your own best coach! This workshop will be an analysis of your movement, intention & performance.

Please bring a form of video recording device, pen & paper and a willingness to explore your growth as a performer!