Alexis Garcia
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Welcome to Migrations. My name is Alexis. I will be your instructor for Basic Arabic Language and Culture Class. My love for the region came when I was a child listening to service member stories about their experiences in Saudi and Kuwait. I began my research journey into learning more about the region and challenging what I heard. I came to the MENHT dance form through a college course with local dancer and mentor, Z-Helene. After finishing my degree in International Studies in MENA, I accepted international teaching positions in Spain and Saudi. I lived and worked in the Gulf region for 5-7 years. I returned to Austin and completed my Associates in Arabic language (2018) and a Masters in Adult Education in ESL (2019).

Basic Arabic and Cultural Course for Belly Dancers 

The purpose of this interactive course is geared toward dance students that want to bridge language and culture for personal and professional understanding. Learning basic conversational phrases and concepts of language paired with cultural knowledge.