Catrice Fairuza

Catrice Fairuza is a multi-awarding winning dancer, choreographer, and teacher located in Upstate New York. Catrice Fairuza has been able to travel the world learning dance from dancers of origin.  As well as being student of all different types of dance, Catrice Fairuza truly enjoys immersing herself in Egypt's many different diverse and beautiful cultures while being respectful of the country’s beliefs, and history. Teaching since 2018, Catrice Fairuza specializes in the African Dance known as Egyptian Raqs Sharqi. Classes are open to anyone regardless of color, size, sexual orientation, age, fitness ability, or dance experience. Raqs Sharqi is an amazing way to connect with your body while also learning about new cultures and music. Classes are fun, upbeat, in a body positive environment where students are encouraged to learn this elegant cultural art form in a way that helps them express their best selves. 

Catrice Fairuza, is also the co-owner and co-head designer of Mischief Maker Couture Costumes alongside Natasha Tripi. Mischief Maker Couture Costumes was started because Catrice and Natasha saw the lack of diversity in the costuming world. The sheer lack of representation for all shapes, sizes, and skin tones that were not catered to, or if they were occasionally featured those differences caused a significant upcharge. Mischief Maker does not believe that being Plus Size or having a different skin tone should not be seen as a challenge. It is a part of who we are and should be celebrated loudly. Catrice Fairuza is truly living out her dreams when she sees her creations on dancers, brides, and anyone who entrusts her to create across the globe. We at Mischief Maker Couture Design have a passion for creating uniquely beautiful designs that truly speak to the soul of the individual regardless of their color, shape, or size. Dreams are made to come true; you just have to add a little bit of Mischief.

You can find Catrice Fairuza on her website. Sign up for her newsletter too see what goes on in a day of the life of a Mischief Maker plus there is a special gift: www.CatriceFairuza.comYou can follow Catrice Fairuza Instagram at and on Youtube at

Tell It to My Baladi Heart

In this workshop we are going to dig into the word Baladi and its origin. We will talk about the people, the culture, and the food. You may ask, "Why all this is important to the dance?" Well, it’s important because it gives flavor, depth, and dimension.  This workshop has 2 parts: the first will be a lecture that will include costuming information. In the second half of this workshop we will be dancing to some modern and vintage Baladi music and watching some of my favorite Baladis. No, there will not be 1 lick of choreography taught! I know, scary right? But here is what I want you to walk away with from our Baladi workshop with: I want you to be able to feel the music and allow your body to articulate the music through your body here and now! Live in the moment with me and let’s enjoy some great music as we let the music tell it to our Baladi Hearts.