Cheyney Teagan is an Austin-based performer and classically-trained musician, specializing in Raqs Sharqi (“dance of the East”) and American Cabaret Style (aka “bellydance”), a derivative of Raqs Sharqi. Cheyney’s performances have been described as “full of zest and joyous energy,” and she loves to interact with her audience! Community and connections with people are at the heart of her dance practice. When Cheyney isn’t dancing, she works on designing custom dance costumes and accessories, as well as producing dance shows that support local artists.

Body Tips: How to Create (and Enforce) Safe Performance Environments 

In this lecture-based workshop, I will be drawing on real-world experiences in various venue types to provide tools & resources to navigate tricky scenarios in which audience members push performer's safety boundaries, whether intentionally or not. We will first learn how to set boundaries & "train" audiences to respect them. From there I will utilize scaled vocal and action-based response examples ranging from "coy" to "stern" on how to reinforce those boundaries. Example scenarios include: handling body tips, private gig safety protocols, shots & alcoholic drinks proffered, close proximity without invitation, and more. 

This is a must-have discussion for anyone who dances publicly, whether as a hobbyist at community festivals, etc or as a professional at private gigs or restaurants. It is especially recommended for those that are beginning (or new to) the journey of becoming a professional dancer, or for those transitioning into restaurant dancing.