Colleen Pannell

Colleen has been performing and teaching around Central Texas for over 14 years. Her company Bellydance 4 Everyone puts shows on throughout Central Texas that welcome all forms of Bellydance and all dancers who want to perform. She is also part of the Central Texas Bellydance Association where she serves as their Vice President. She has recently won the Judges Choice for most Entertaining at Ya Halla Y’all 2021 Convention and Competition. Colleen has been in Theater Arts since she was in her teens. For the last 15 years she has worked with the Smithville Playhouse and the Bastrop Opera House.  Mixing in theater with her dance, she loves to put on a show. She is known to show multiple emotions when she performs. You never know what to expect when she hits the stage or teaches a class.

Be the Drama

We are not only dancers, we are artists sharing stories through dance! This workshop will be interactive; we will learn together how to let go and just be in the moment. We will learn improvisational techniques to tell stories without words. Please bring a notebook, a pen, a fun hat, and a veil. Join me and become the Drama Queen or King you’ve always wanted to be.