Colleen Pannell

Colleen has been performing and teaching around Central Texas for over 10 years. Her company Bellydance 4 Everyone puts shows on throughout Central Texas that welcomes all forms of Bellydance and all dancers who want to perform. Colleen enjoys mixing in theater with her dance. One of her main goals is to help promote Body Positivity and Love through dance.  We are able to learn a lot about ourselves through dance in all its forms, and helping people learn how to express themselves through dance is something that makes every day in Colleen's dance life special.  When she performs she is known to show multiple emotions, so you never know what to expect when she hits the stage or when she teaches a class.

Body Love

We have all struggled with body image at some point in our life. This workshop will teach you techniques on how to learn to love yourself through dance. When you love who you are, it shows in your dance. This is what draws people into you when you perform. We will dive into ourselves and find our inner goddess. Please bring veils, tissues, and an open mind.