Cyndi Cyreigna Elliott

Cyndi Cyreigna Elliott is a FCBD Style Advanced Instructor and Sister Studio based in Kansas. She is the Director of Irie Tribal Dance Company, an all inclusive dance company that encourages exploration, experimentation, creativity, artistry, and acceptance in every aspect of your life! Cyndi is known not only for her dynamic FCBD-inspired solos, but also for bringing troupes together to share a moment on the dance floor! Cyndi has been performing and teaching nationally and this year, she has gone International with her Irie Online Studio. She believes that you can never know it all! For more information on Cyndi and Irie, visit Irie Tribal.

Spin Your Partners!

Have you ever wondered how turns and Spins look effortless and fluid in a group? In this class, we will explore how to make your Turns appear to float and your Spins explode! We will cover how to clearly cue, how to execute your turns and spins, and control of your movements! We will cover the different ways to begin Calibrated Spins with ease as well as the body mechanics and spotting techniques that go into executing a well balanced spin. For our turns, we will work on Footwork and how to just walk it out! This is definitely a High Flying class that is going to help have you feeling more confident about your Spins and Turns!