Diana Soto
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Fiery, unique, powerhouse. Diana is one of those larger than life presences on stage; her work is distinguished by a level of charisma and passion only matched by her dance precision and versatility. Diana Soto taught classes on Arab dance and intercultural dialogue at the University of Puerto Rico, directed the award-winning Phoenix Al Danse troupe, produced Raks Caribe international dance festival, and ran Belly Dance Para Tod@s dance school in Puerto Rico for seven years. Her commitment to this dance form and honoring its roots brought her to Lebanon where she lived and trained in dance and Arabic for two months. She has presented her work in Arab dance, fusion, and "dance for camera" in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and all over the USA and Puerto Rico. She is thrilled to call Houston home; you can catch her performing around town with Shunyata and Bella Donna Dance Company or wiggle about with her in her upcoming workshops around Texas, including Yaa Halla Yall. You can find out more at teachable.dianadancemagic.com.

Strength & Sensuality: Saidi Stick

In this choreography-based workshop, Diana shares her take on saidi, a celebration of contrasts of what’s powerful within the feminine where both strength and sensuality share dance space. Diana firmly believes that the best innovation is rooted in tradition and so this piece builds from a strong folkloric background into new stylizations for a piece that is both fierce and fun.