Elizabeth Kerry

Elizabeth is founder of The Scarlet Rose Dance and Design Studio. She is a Certified Datura Style™ Instructor, but considers herself a lifelong student. Over the years, she has had the fortune to learn from master performers and instructors. Using this training and her own personal journey through injuries and health conditions, Elizabeth has a unique perspective on dance. Physical limitations have required her to analyze and refine technique to develop alternative pathways to create efficient movement - resulting in safe, beautiful isolations and extensions. She is extremely grateful for the accessibility and benefits that this dance form provides.


Through her relaxed and approachable teaching style, she empowers her students to challenge their bodies and mind in a safe, encouraging setting. Now she wants to help YOU find the joy dance has to offer. Her dance classes are truly for EVERY BODY - no matter ability, size, shape, or age.

All Abilities Inclusive Dance Technique

In this workshop, we’re going to explore options to re-examine the movement and muscular technique for some of the fundamental shapes of what we colloquially call belly dance, to develop strength and range of motion, a freer quality of movement, and muscular serpentine qualities. Several movements and exercises (but not all) can be done while sitting. Because someone is disabled, otherly abled, or working with limitations doesn’t mean they aren’t capable. Open to anyone who wants to explore movement creation.