Ganga Devi
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Choreographing, performing and teaching in over ten countries across five continents, Ganga Devi enriches her art by combining the sacred disciplines of Odissi, yoga and the Bhakti tradition into which she was born. Having immersed herself in the core aspects of South Asian Dance for over 20 years, she studied intensively under the direct guidance of the most renowned Odissi gurus of our era. Ganga Devi is a graduate of Odissi studies (2012), certified Dance in Medicine practitioner (2019) & yoga teacher (2010). She graduated with a BA in dance, training in Dance & Movement Therapy from the University of Florida (2019). As a dance teacher Ganga Devi is dedicated to offering both her audiences and her students a unique, holistic approach to Odissi by bridging Eastern and Western techniques and exploring the spiritual and physical philosophy behind the dance. She has committed herself to preserving the art of Odissi by continuing to expand her understanding and appreciation of the body as a sacred space and movement as a spiritual practice. Visit her at


Odissi is a classical ritual dance form that was originally performed in the ancient temples of Orissa, Jagannath Puri. This dance uses mudras (hand gestures), prana (breath work), torso fluidity, postures from the temple sculptures and rhythmic movements.  
You will learn its divine origins through a sequence of mudras & postures, called Bhumi Pranam or Earth Salutations. This sequence will be put to music that is easily accessible for your personal practice. The workshop is open to all levels, be ready to dance barefoot and feel the Earth beneath your feet.