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Lunch & Learn Sessions

Grab your lunch bag and come join us for 3 sessions in a variety of subjects for the dance community with local, national, and international instructors and dancers.

Donations are encouraged and go directly to our panelists. 

Sessions will be from 11:30 am-12:30 pm each day of the festival. 

Room Location: TBD

Sewing Equipments


A Stitch in Time

Costume Repair with Gaia

You buy a really pretty, sparkly costume. You wear it a few times and then something goes wrong. Fringed beads pop off, hems come undone, mesh gets a tear. After that, you relegate it to the back of your closet. This Lunch & Learn is to introduce you the best practices on repairing issues with costumes. We’ll include hands-on samples for some of the most common problems that happen while dancing.

Sewing Equipments


Dancing in the Rain: Overcoming Adversity in Dance

Dancers come in many different shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and conditions. Sometimes making a space for ourselves can be difficult in the face of others’ perceptions, our culture’s existing biases, or our own personal health challenges. Join our panelists, local, national, and international, as they discuss multiple dance journeys, how they have formed their own space in the dance community, and how they translate their experience into their art.

Sewing Equipments


 Exploring the Hidden Background, Culture, and Evolution of FCBD® and Related Formats

Cued improvisation, whether FCBD® Style or one of the formats it inspired, has been around for well over three decades, becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Recent developments and discussions in and around the dance community are encouraging us to take a deeper, harder look at the various facets of this dance style. Our session will look at how cued improv formats were created and developed, explore concerns about naming systems and appropriation, and imagine what it all might look like in the future. Our panelists will start the dialogue, sharing their knowledge and experiences and posing questions for discussion. Come join the conversation!

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