Greyson von Trapp

Greyson von Trapp is an internationally renowned, multi-award-winning transnational fusion dancer from North Texas. His amalgamate of dance influences is based in classical bellydance, West African, and contemporary modern dance. He holds a BA in dance, and is currently an MA candidate for dance at Texas Woman’s University, where he is a choreographer for the International Dance Company and recognized as an experiential scholar for his thesis paper, “Masculinity in American Bellydance.”

Lecture: Masculinity in American Bellydance

Bellydance is a global dance form that is predominantly practiced by female and feminine-identified dancers, and the contributions and presence of male and masculine-identified dancers are often overlooked, misrepresented, and misunderstood. I’m presenting my qualitative research on masculinity in American bellydance, with an emphasis on the past twenty years. My research consists of interviews with seven prominent American male bellydancers and one trans-masculine bellydancer to give a window into the experience of this minority within American bellydance.