Jerikaye is a lifelong dancer and director of the Ladies of the Lake, Louisiana's premiere FatChance BellyDance ® Partner Studio.  Her dance repertoire tells stories of places near and far, ancient and modern. Known as the Fire Maiden from Outer Space, she is one of the pioneers of fire dancing and flow arts on the Gulf Coast, ever drawn to the flame in an effort to truly exude grace under fire.  She is also a certified instructor of the Divine Chaos skirt format.  She has dedicated her life to sharing the Dance as not only an artform, but also as good exercise, group therapy, and even a spiritual practice. She has been teaching and performing locally and nationally for over twelve years. She is an RYT200 yoga teacher, Buti yoga instructor, holistic nutritionist, and homeschooling mom.

Dancing with Double Veils

Our dance has a long and rich history of displaying beautiful fabrics from around the world, whether shaking from the hips or dangling from the fingertips. From the days of antiquity, veil dancing continues to enchant and amaze. Today we have the option of adding another dimension of movement to our veil work with a second veil in the other hand. Double veil technique is a most visually-stunning application of the flow arts to belly dance.  We will cover basic veil technique and double veil moves in the context of combinations and an original choreography to Caravan by Raquy and the Cavemen. You will need a set of two veils. I recommend rectangular veils that are at least two feet wider than your arm span.  Email Jerikaye at with any questions.