Kathy Stahlman
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 Teaching FatChance® style belly dance worldwide since 2002, Kathy Stahlman is a FatChance® Partner Studio SSCE, certified FatChance® style instructor and an early member of  the FatChanceBellyDance® dance company. 


Having joined FatChance® in 1994, when the troupe and dance form were only 7 years old, Kathy brings a unique historical perspective to FatChance® style and the history of the dance company. During her tenure with FatChance® Kathy was involved in the making of two instructional DVDs, the original Vol.4: Advanced Workshop (now released as Vol.4: Embellishments & Variations) and Vol 5: Cues & Transitions and is included in the DVD The 20 Year Retrospective, Director’s Cut.  


Recognized as the longest continuous student of FatChance® style, Kathy is a beloved teacher, mentor, community builder and has been interviewed in several dance publications including the cover story of Zagahreet Magazine, Sept 2013. Kathy would love to share her dance knowledge with you! 

Flamenco Flair for Improv

This workshop takes us on a trip to Southern Spain with a focus on Flamenco-inspired movements for improvisational dancers of all styles. In the workshop we look at Flamenco-inspired steps and technique from several improvisational Tribal-style formats including ATS®, Devi Mamak (Australia), and my own creations for Tribal Moon dialect. This workshop can be taken alone or in preparation for the Mantón for Improvisation workshop. Perfect for the soloist for group improv, this Flamenco Flair workshop is for anyone interested in expanding improvisational Flamenco-inspired technique. Get ready to move, have fun and say Ole!