Maria Vera

Maria Vera is an acclaimed and sought after raqs sharki artist based in Houston Texas by way of Oaxaca, Mexico. She began her dance instruction under none other than Silvia Salamanca, and as a performer with Belladonna Dance to whom she credits her formative years. She continues to lend her talents with them as well as with the award winning Shunyata and Folkoholic dance troupe adding Transnational Fusion and Dabkeh (respectively) to her repertoire. Known for her fiery and engaging performances, a crowd favorite, she credits her love of the stage to her musical theatre background. Her dance interpretation is full of emotive expression, lending a truly authentic quality to her classic Egyptian style of dance.

She is bringing her knowledge and trademark charm to Migrations to share a soulful choreography to Oum Kalthoum’s timeless lyrics.

Oum Kalthoum ~ Classical Bellydance

In this workshop, we will delve deeper into Egyptian classics, interpreting the music of Oum Kalthoum with earthy moves incorporating deep emotion.