Obsidia Peacock

Obsidia has been studying bellydance for approximately twenty years. When not performing and teaching, she researches Oriental Romanticism in early 20th century dance; this has influenced her aesthetic, along with her love for silent screen sirens like Theda Bara and Louise Brooks. Her fascination with this era, alongside extensive studies over the years with Mardi Love, have shaped her style of fusion bellydance. She strives to bring a sense of a bygone era to the stage. Outside of the bellydance world, Obsidia can be found wandering cemeteries with her family and serving their two cats, Seamus & Neville.

Dust Bowl Dream

Hot dog! Come dance to some slow Balkan sounds in this vintage-esque choreography inspired by my studies with Mardi Love and dancers of early film. This piece features some spins, low & slow serpentine goodness, and unique movement patterns that challenge the brain. We’ll break phrases down, drill them to imprint, give them a touch of pizazz, then put it all together in a delicious package. This class is suitable for all levels.