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Rin is a music composer and experimental dance artist with over two decades of exposure to a diverse array of movement avenues.  Her dance influences range from bellydance, ballet, hip-hop, and jazz, to the inspiration from the constant motion of the world around her.  Often described as otherworldly and subtly strange, Rin's uniquely fluid and evolving voice in dance offers a peculiar stretch beyond genres.

Rin entered the world of belly dance in 2007 at Sahara Dance in Washington, D.C.  She eventually found herself learning and performing with Ebony Qualls’ urban fusion troupe, Raqs Caravan Urban.  Along the way, Rin developed a technical foundation of Tribal Fusion belly dance through intensive study with Rachel Brice.  Enthusiasm for creative projects and collaboration led Rin to form an experimental dance group project, Myriad.  She has also contributed choreography for large productions by Bellydance Evolution and Electric Nomad Dance.

Rin engages her skill of complex composition with the power of curiosity to adapt to the virtual landscape of performance. She generates conceptually-abstract video productions which feature original music, allowing the opportunity to cast into the world fully-imagined ideas and visions.  As her ever-expanding artistry continues to unfold to match the reaches of a boundless imagination, Rin focuses on staying centered and honing a sense of embodied flow in her own life, shared offerings, and beyond.


Connect the Dots (4-hour Intensive)

Experience an intriguing experimental-style choreography and watch it expand from just a sequence of moves into a seamless story of embodied emotion. In this two-part series, we will delve into the connection between personal awareness and movement. Dancers will utilize concepts and exercises to make the choreography really come to life. Whether you are looking to enrich your personal dance practice or deepen your performances, this balanced workshop is designed to bring out your unique authenticity in dance. A journal, pen, and open mind are recommended for this workshop.

Dynamic Dancing 

Learn a new enlivening fusion choreography designed to encourage dynamic ideas for your dance practice or performance. Explore transitions between contrasting movements and work on honing your ear for music. Add your personal expression to the mix!

Slow Flow

Learn an experimental fusion choreography and experience how slowing down can change your body and mind. With focus on presence and body awareness, we will examine the effectiveness of combining slow movement with different layers, textures, and tempos. Find a good balance that works for you!