Silvia Salamanca

Silvia Salamanca is an internationally acclaimed performer, choreographer and instructor from Mallorca, Spain.  A life-long dancer, she graduated at the age of nineteen as a major in ballet and performed professionally as a modern dancer in major Europe festivals with the contemporary dance company of the University of Barcelona.


She started her career as a belly dancer in 2001, when realizing the enormous benefits that this art-form brings in both body and soul. In her own studio, she keeps observing how people can get closer to their self identity and discover oneself on a new level, increasing self-esteem, and getting deeply in touch with the feminine essence in their soul through bellydance.


As a natural evolution in her journey, Silvia discovered what was called  tribal fusion in the USA and combined it with a deep research into her own cultural roots: Arabic and Spanish gitana. Hence with her work in the field of Zambra Mora (spanish gitano-oriental dance fusion), Silvia gained international recognition and is currently invited to teach workshops and perform as a headliner in major festivals world-wide. Silvia is also known for her work dancing with swords, which she feels depicts the strength. 

Silvia is also the director of Shunyata Belly Dance, a nationally awarded tribal fusion company and a proud member of Urban Hips, Houston’s premiere ITS troupe.

The Most Flamenco Prop: Learn to Dance with a "Manton" (Piano Shawl)​

Who has not been intrigued by the mystery that evokes watching a dancer unwrapping from a "manton"? In this workshop we will break down the proper technique, the steps and the combinations in the use of the “manton” (Spanish triangular shaped shawl) to build-up an entire routine full of feeling and intensity, that we will blend well with our oriental dance. Please bring a skirt and a manton (any triangular scarf big enough to wrap yourself in it will do) and we will do the rest with attitude and a big ole!