Sway with Pray

Pray is a person that loves to live life and that love flows through her through dance. Since at a very young age she was mesmerized by the Bollywood world and its actresses and especially how dancing was a way they expressed life. 


This stuck on to her and she started her dancing and still dances with that same passion today. She has been involved in different facets of dancing from the dancer, choreographer, instructor, and even the CEO of a big dance company in Austin to now having her own brand.

Bollywood Fusion

Bollywood Dance has made its presence evident amongst the world dances and this is because of its vibrant music, the energy, the style and most importantly the fun one has with it.


Bollywood is just so much fun with its ability to fuse two or more forms of music, style, and even languages. In this workshop you will see Bollywood fused with Tollywood (it’s a regional form of music coming from the south of India). We will be blending the two areas and creating a very rural or raw form of dancing. It is going to be cardio intensive with a lot of hips, chest, and facial expressions. Yes, this workshop will try to express not only through our dance steps but also use the facial expression that makes this workshop a rounded one.