Migrations Dance
& Music Festival

​January 28 - 30, 2022
​Austin, Texas



With Instructors

Arcadia, Baila Pacifica, Catrice Fairuza,

Cheyney, Colleen Pannell, Constance,

DeAnna Freeman, Diana Soto, Elizabeth Kerry,

Emalie Vann Thok, Gitane, Jerikaye,

Laman Hendricks, Maria Vera, MeliSamba,

Najla, Obisidia Peacock, Oshyn, Prayrana,

Sahira, & Silvia Salamanca

Rin Migrations 2022.png

Please note all attendees will be required to wear masks & adhere to social distance recommendations as provided by Williamson County. Gala Show performers may remove masks while performing on stage only.